Mandala ” Alignment -Alineación”





Mandala ” Beauty – Belleza”



Mandala ” Light Workers – Trabajadores de luz”





Mandala ” Vessel of light – Vehículo de luz”








Mandala ” Twin hearts – Corazones gemelos “





Mandala ” Violet Flame – Llama Violeta “


Mandala ” Trascending – Trascendiendo”




Mandala ” Journey – Viaje “




Days, moments, months and years.
They come and go,
They play around,
They scream and fight, each others arms.

Who is with me ?
I’ll take him to the sea.
To see the life beyond the breeze,
Deep between corals and fish.

Catch its moment and its minute,
Of the beauty of it’s shortness,
Take a breath and let it flow,
You are One now, with our soul.

Who are you and who are we ?
There is more than you can see.
Endless time and endless limit,
Precious life, is energy !

♦by Andra Ro♦




♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ AMANTE COSMICO ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Qué es amor, o la carencia de éste

sí siempre ha estado ahí

Cómo puede ser que no fué percibido en su totalidad ?

Cómo perdonar, si la ofensa ya no existe ?

Cómo perdonar, si ya maduró el camino ?

Cómo perdonar, si éste fué mi irreconocible plan ?

Gracias por Ser, y estar ahí dando el soporte más elevado.

♦ J.L.V.♦



  1. I attended your online class. U are so amazing and your thoughts are so so so good. May God Bless You. Love you !

    • I love u too !

  2. amo estar com vocês todos vibrando na mesma sintonia de paz, conscientização e amor… muito amor.

    • Celia seguimos alineadas con el misma expresion de ♥, gracias

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