Posted by: Jimena | November 6, 2011

FREE online classes month of November 2011 – Clases GRATIS por internet mes de Noviembre 2011

Please visit, register for free, search for Jimena Yantorno as a teacher and take your favorite class. Por favor visita, regístrate gratis, búscame como profesora Jimena Yantorno, y toma tu clase favorita.► leer más
You can participate in the live on-line class, or you can access to see the recorded classes at your convenience.You deserve to receive gifts like this, allow it to happen!

Schedule of FREE classes for the month of November 2011

In ENGLISH at 9:30 am Mountain Time USA

• 11/11/11 Celebrating 11.11.11

• 11/18/11 Learn to Meditate at your own pace

Puedes participar de la clase en vivo, o puedes ver las clases grabadas cuando tengas tiempo.Tu mereces regalos como estos, permite que suceda!

Lista de clases GRATIS para el mes de Noviembre 2011

En ESPAÑOL a la 11:00 am Mountain Time USA

• 11/11/11 Celebremos 11.11.11

• 11/18/11 Aprende a meditar a tu propio ritmo



  1. I’ll be with TARETH in Bruges Belgium, had NDE and he did too,everything is loving consciousness, we are the ones!So are YOU who reads this right now,coz NOW is the only moment really existing on earth and heaven.Greetings ANGELS of LOVE!

    • much love to you, enjoy 11.11.11 !

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