Posted by: Jimena | April 1, 2011

Stepping out of the ILLUSION – Saliéndonos de la ILUSION

What would happen if one day you discover that many things in your life are not longer important. Qué pasaria sí un dia descubres que muchas cosas en tu vida ya no son importantes.

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For sure that day will be a little confusing, but as you decide to go on sooner you will accept that

it is part of growing
it is part of getting mature
it is part of becoming free

and allowing things to flow naturally with the energies of the Universe.

Let’s Be Inspiration, Be Creation, Be possitive thinkers and open to imagination.

” Imagination is more important than knowledge… Albert Einstein”

De seguro ese día será algo confuso, pero a medida que sigues pronto aceptaras que

es parte de crecer
es parte de madurar
es parte de ser libre

y permitir que las cosas fluyan naturalmente con las energias del Universo.

Seamos Inspiración, Creación, Pensadores positivos y abrámonos a la imaginación.

” La Imaginación es más importante que el conocimiento… Albert Einstein”



  1. A consciousness-shift is coming.John Lennon talked about it in his song IMAGINE….all the people….in my NDE same pictures of the world to come ENJOY!

  2. Michel your experience is a treasure, I imagine that your NDE did help you to get out the Illusion. Life on Earth is a dream… it is like a movie that we can change. I celebrate your connection with Mother Earth, the Pachamama… I am glad you are here! blessings, Jimena

    • hello Jimena PACHAMAMA is a word with a POWERFUL vibration in it,I use it now when meditating to connect with the soul of the earth,could you tell me the origin of this word when you have a little time and how do you call the SOURCE,GOD in other words,thanks for healing PACHAMAMA!

      • Hello dear Michel.. I first heard the word PAchamama from the indigenous people in SouthAmerica.. is is a beautiful word, is one of the sacred names of our Planet.

      • thanks for your quick response,today I first sent the knowledge when I had a NDE to the soul of pachamama in order to restore her vibration,at that moment out of time I knew everything,including the keys to restore every atom,CONSCIOUSNESS driven by LOVE restores anything,and I know that you KNOW that!YOU TUBE videos of KIESHA CROWTHER such as HABLA SOBRE EL 2012 also contain many events that will occur soon,I AM sorry for the illuminati who will stay in the old vibration of the earth,and will learn there lessons to get enlightened in the next WAVE…about 27000 years ahead,according to the MAYAS.See you soon in the NEW WORLD !

  3. I had NDE on friday 13-1-1989.Time will disappear,only the PRESENT will be,in that moment we will create the future,so BE positive,whatever happens,I AM that’s the only truth,and in that moment you CREATE the next step of your FUTURE.So imagine what you want,it’ll become TRUE immediately NOW.Can you agree with that?

    • Michel, thank you for your comment, I do agree completely… the future is done today, it is done in the Present, in the now. Imagination is one of the tools for creation, that is why it is so important to keep it alive specially in our children. Many blessings…Jimena

      • Glad to hear that,you are the first beautiful SOUL who understands what I mean,in NDE every atom has consciousness and exists whit an aim,fulfilling that aim is the reason of existing and the vibration of the SOURCE of CREATION is smoothly felt in that moment of being dead .The toughest moment was when I crashed down again in my body.It was a loud CRASH and then I realised to be back in my body,feeling all the pain of it,I had several bones broken,had lost many blood but thanks to mother earth I survived because it was freezing that day and when people found me laying on the ground(I was catapulted out of my car which broke in 3 pieces slipping of a bridge) I realized life on earth is A JOKE!

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